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Rhein-Main Region

While the Rhine River (Rhein) forms the borderline in the west; the Main River flows through it. Both rivers define the name of the Rhein-Main region, and it is behind this name that an extreme variety lies hidden: highlands and plains, metropolises and small villages, industry and vineyards, Romans and Celts, the history of independent imperial cities and clerical territories, famous spas and picturesque small towns, baroque castles and ‘Jugendstil’-housing.
In between there are numerous remarkable works of modern architecture: Darmstadt with examples of modern architecture from the last five decades, industrial architecture on the banks of the Main and the Rhein in the cities of Höchst, Rüsselsheim and Wiesbaden, a housing estate designed by Richard Neutra in Walldorf, modern villas and prominent office buildings on the slopes of the Taunus or Bergstraße (highlands), modern expressionism and ‘Jugendstil’ in Bad Nauheim, and the ecological housing estates of low-energy houses.

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