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According to the individual wishes of our clients, we define the duration and intensity of a guided tour; we may walk, use public transport or charter a bus; we may visit buildings from the outside or also from the inside, if possible; we organize lunch, dinner or coffee-brakes. The cost depends on the extent of preparations, the duration or the exclusivity of the tour.

In general we split between Klassik (classic) and Premium tours.

Klassik tour: a guided tour as in the examples herewith described, mainly consisting of visits from the outside

Premium tour: a tour, for example, focused on special issues and including visits to the interiors of buildings, with intensive preparation by A-Z Architektouren

duration classic premium
S < 2 hours 160,- € 450,- €
M 2-4 hours 360,- € 750,- €
L 4-6 hours 540,- € 1000,- €
XL up to 8 hours 720,- € 1300,- €

Students 20 % reduction

The fees are based on groups up to 25 persons.

Lecture 45 min incl. discussion 400,- €

All costs exclude added value tax, the extra cost for entrance-tickets, bus charters, food supply etc.

Let us know your wishes and we will be happy to make an estimate for you.

The tours describe on the website are proposals and may be adapted to individual preferences.

Questions are free of charge!